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Parking peeve !

Yesterday morning I had gone to my Mom’s. When I was about to turn in the gate of the building, I noticed that somebody had parked a car in such a manner that it was blocking one-third of the entrance gate. I felt a flicker of irritation but since I was on my motor-cycle, it wasn’t blocking my way. But it would definitely cause a problem to a car trying to enter the gate.

As I turned in, I noticed an uncle in our building walking away from that car. I knew that it wasn’t his car. Then I suddenly noticed a white paper with red lettering stuck to the back glass of the car. It was simply the best ! I burst out laughing and also thought that this was a superb response…one that the car owner wouldn’t forget in a long time :)

It didn’t occur to me to take a photograph at the time. So I did a small drawing (as best as I can) in paintbrush and here it is for you to enjoy :)


cath said…
What a creative way to deal with some thoughtless person! I'll have to remember this the next time someone hogs space. :D
Debra said…
Wanderer,LOL! What a moment to remember. Glad you captured it we could share in the laughter!
The Wanderer said…
:) Yup Cath, that is exactly what I creative.

Hi Debra...Welcome to my blog...glad you enjoyed the anecdote :)
Ai Ling said…
*testing, did you get my comment? I seem to have trouble submitting, I'm not sure if my comment got thru :(
Ai Ling said…
I think my earlier comment must've been too lengthy :P

Anyway, I was writing that I have similar parking peeves, the most reent where this lady didn't park her car properly within her own parking space (outside of the border).

So I wrote a very polite note and stuck it under her windshield wiper, "Kindly align your car within your box. Signed, Concerned Citizen" :P
Seema Smile said…
Hahaha... good. I'm gonna do that the next time someone parks badly in my parking lot :)
Anonymous said…
LOL. I am so terrible at parking myself. I get supremely pissed off when I see cars parked in a way in which they take up excess space, and make it more difficult for me to squeeze in my car.

I spent a while going through your blog. Good work. Your template also made me nostalgic. My previous blog had the same one :)
The Wanderer said…
@ Ai Ling: :))) You are too polite.

@ Seema: :)

@ pepperedthoughts: Thanks. Do keep dropping by. And I'm off to your place...see you there :)

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