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I wrote in The3Six5 Project today !

Yes. It is true.
Here's what happened. I have been following The 3Six5 Project almost since it began. The concept is essentially this - Every day for 365 days, a different person will write an entry about their experiences that day. Recently the editors of this site announced that they are closing it down at the end of this year. Suddenly I felt that I ought to be a part of this project.
So I wrote to them requesting to be an author and Sunday October 14, 2012 was my designated date.
The concept of this project is such that you cannot write your piece in advance. You have to write it towards the end of your day and send it across and the editors publish it right away. So you cannot really plan what you will write since you do not know in advance what will happen that day.
Go read my piece on the3six5 :)

As I sit here at the end of my work day

I decide to listen to some music while I check personal emails. The first two songs are 'Sawa Rupaya'and 'Dreamum Wakeupum' from the film "Aiyya". I realise that these songs are in such contrast to the work day I have just had. 

It's been a mixed kind of a day work wise...up and down and up and down and rather dull. 

I spent the morning doing some research for a work thing. I'm absolutely not feeling motivated to finish this task, but tomorrow I will have to. I had said this yesterday too. Ah well !

I did one task very well and that put me back in good spirits.

I was assigned a task that actually doesn't fall in my purview, but will have to do it nonetheless, since there is nobody else in the company presently who can do it. Its a little tiresome to be in this position. Exclusivity isn't always good, I think to myself.

I got an email related to some work that I have been wanting to take up and I'm very pleased about it.

Finally, with all the wor…

PLOW or 'Perverse Laws of Office Work' (also called 'Please Let me Off Work' sometimes)

I've compiled some PLOW for the benefit for all those bright-eyed, bushy-tailed youngsters (NO, I'm not old. I'mmatureandwise, OK?!) who can't wait to jump into the whirlpool called "Work"
Freaky Friday Law:
On Fridays you have the most work and the weather outside is magnificent and you are cooped up in office thus preventing you from enjoying it.
If you don’t have much work, the weather is oppressive and you just don’t want to go out and youhaveto, for some office work.
When It Rains, It Pours Law:
This one is simple.When you have work, you have a humongous amount of it and you feel you'd give ANYthing for having none. But, when you don't have work, there's absolutely none. So much so that you actively create some for yourself out of sheer boredom (and the need to look busy when the higher-ups come strolling by !)
You Can't Beat Boss Law:
This is an old and unbeatable one actually.When you happen to be late, Boss is there bright and early and wait…