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The balance of nature

The Japan earthquake and tsunami managed to bring tears to my eyes. It is terrible to see the amount of damage…to humans, to property, to the landscape…to lives…and it will take ages to restore some sense of normalcy. Life as they knew it before this disaster is lost forever for all the affected people…those who are still alive. :(

Call me weird or naïve or stupid or un-informed or anything, but I really believe that we humans have managed to bring things to such a level where Nature has to act to restore the balance. How else does one explain the rise in the frequency of natural disasters and the increased intensity of the damage they cause each time they occur ?

The uncontrolled population increase over the centuries itself has been responsible in robbing the Earth of its natural resources. Add to it the greed of humans…we can’t take just as much as we need…we have to take more and hoard. We don’t think of preservation, of regeneration or of repaying what was taken. We cross the rational limits of progress where progress becomes harmful to the world we inhabit; And, on top of it all, we are stupid enough not to realise that this is the only home we know and our actions are gradually destroying it.

Ours is the species that should become extinct. Seriously !


Ai Ling said…
OMG!!! You've totally echoed my thoughts EXACTLY!!! :-O Wow!!!

Seriously though, I totally agree with you in that humans should just be wiped off the face of the earth because we cause just too much damage through our selfishness and greed.

I'm trying to avoid seeing too many pictures of the condition of Japan because it's just too sad :-(
shachi said…
i entered the same loop of thinking after that day - was having feeling we will get returned by such horrible, worst things only in future beacause of ruthless speed of development and careless mainly.

but i was happy about two things
1. Japan the country who suffered was already aware of this so they evacuated most of the people begore worst happened as they were having right information using TECHNOLOGY - 2011 will be year of natural calamities as moon is nearest to earth on 19th march
2. i always adore the fighting back spirit of this country - i simply adore it - everyone after unfortunate disaster was saying "Its Japan - they are suffering but they will come back with zoom"

change of subject but what if something like this happens with India - those who studies oceanography knows very well that what best n what worst about this subcontinet!

we are still only collecting funds for the tsunami affected places of indian east coast!

we need to re-define the word BALANCE in every aspect - time is changing - we must!
Josie said…
It's sad, isn't it? I sometimes wonder if we won't "extinct" ourselves off the planet. . .
Josie x
Josie said…
It's sad, isn't it? I sometimes wonder if we won't "extinct" ourselves off the planet. . .
Josie x
The Wanderer said…
@ Ai Ling: It is uncanny, isn't it ? That we wrote very similar posts !

@ Shachi: Yes, I have to agree with you there...Japan recovered after Hiroshima-Nagasaki. They are a resilient people and will resurrect their lives. But some sadness lingers for all that is lost. I shudder to think what would happen if something like this happened in India. We are so ill-equipped to handle any kind of disaster :(

@ Jo: Yes, we are, I believe, digging our own graves.
cath said…
I agree with you and Helen. The human species will destroy themselves. The same species that can reach lofty heights of technology and philanthropy also exhibits extreme opposites- greed and waste. I fear the worst will happen to us unless enlightenment occurs. And I also believe we haven't much time remaining. Thanks for your thoughts on this.
anya said…
... there are millions of species co-existing without harming the environment and we humans don't even remotely comprehend that we are just a small part of all this, with such bad manners in the sand box we are bound to be wiped out soon ... ironically we are supposed to be more evolved.
The Wanderer said…
Welcome to my blog Anya :) Exactly my are we supposed to be more evolved if we are acting like this ?

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