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Is there a rehab program for Sudoku addiction?

It is official now. I am addicted to Sudoku. There, I said it !

How do I know it ?
My eyes are red, Can’t get out of bed, I've been up all night, Imagine my plight !
On my new phone Each night I hone, My logic and skill With infinite will.
I pity them all Who give in to the call, To embrace food and sleep, While awake I keep.
I cut no slack, I can’t hold back, I heed Sudoku’s call, I WILL crack them all !
So many puzzles, so little time ! When I solve them all, only then I’ll feel fine !


The White Cloud.
Floating above everything. Staying nowhere.
Orange. Pink. Red. Purple. Pretty.
Reflecting light.
Metamorphosing with imaginations.
Pregnant with possibilities.
Never will burst.