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‘Geographically challenged’

I laughed my guts out while reading this.
Then I had another bout of laughter thinking of all the incidents that happen with me.
For a long time now I have known that I am, what I like to call, ‘geographically challenged’ :)
Situation 1 - If I go inside a building (happens mostly with residential buildings), then after I exit the lift (elevator) or come down the stairs, I cannot quickly locate the gate !
Situation 2 - If I am inside a building, I will routinely point in wrong directions to indicate places outside the building.
Situation 3 - I am presently at office. I have come here from home. Now I have to go to some place where I have always gone from home and never from office. What do I do ? I go home first and from there I go to that place. It doesn’t matter if it is a longer distance or takes more time. I have to do this, because simply have no mechanism to re-align my mental map to my present location !
Situation 4 - Another thing is that if I have come to your place in day time, I c…