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Really, what IS the purpose of life ?

The one super-objective ? What is it ?

In our plays, we have a super-objective for each character for the timeline of the play…then for each scene…and that is the overall goal towards which you build up your character, your scene, your performance…you split it down to the tiniest fragments, feel it, understand it…then lend it meaning and appropriate emotion so that it is in tune with your super-objective…which you figure out when you read the script. Then the only struggle is to be able to get it in the correct measure…and be able to project it also. You know where to go and carving out the path is the task. Even the time available is specified.
Why do I have to figure out the super-objective for my life online…while I live ? What if I never do...or even worse, figure it out at the end when I won't be able to do anything about it ? What is the point of figuring out the super-objective after you stop doing shows of a play ? And till then, what ? Do I drift in the direction that each …