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आठवणी - Memories !

एक वाट  ... पुसट  पाउलखुणांची. एक वीण ... विसविशीत धाग्यांची.  एक घाव ... मिटून गेलेल्या व्रणाचा.  एक डोह ... भेगाळलेल्या तळाचा. आठवणी !
Fading footprints. Threadbare fabric. A parched lake. A cracked mirror. Memories !
I wrote it in Marathi first and then thought of the English version which I'm calling an adaptation since I changed the third and fourth line :)

Sudden rains in the summer make me a very happy girl :)

It has been excruciatingly hot for the last couple of days. Last evening, all of a sudden it started raining heavily and rained for quite a while. 
Here's a free-form poem I Hindi for the first time ever :)
मोटी मोटी बूँदें, और कुछ नन्ही भी... दौडती हुई निकल पडी आसमान से... जैसे के जल्दी हो किसीसे मिलने की... भाग के आ गयी ज़मीन पर... प्यासी मिट्टी में समा गयी... अब बस खुशबू बची है...यादों की. Here's a loose translation of it in English:
Big fat drops...and some tiny ones too Rushed forth from the skies As if in a hurry to meet somebody Quickly ran to the earth Got absorbed in the parched land What remains now is just the fragrance...of memories.