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It’s strange how I never noticed it before…the guard standing at the entrance of the office parking area saluting me as I entered and left each day on my bike. I guess he salutes everyone, every day. Last week I suddenly noticed it and felt some odd feeling arise in me…a niggling feeling. I couldn’t put my finger on it but it stayed with me the next day too, enforced by that day’s salutes. From the second day I started acknowledging the salute by a nod and smile. The third evening as I left office, as I nodded and smiled at him when he saluted me, it struck me what had been bothering me. It bothered me that he salutes me as if I were superior to him. Just because I work at a better paying job than him or am better educated than him doesn’t automatically make him inferior or me superior. One could argue that it is a part of his job. I don’t think so. His job as a Security Guard for the parking lot is to watch over our vehicles and ensure that they remain safe at all times. Perhaps it wo…