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Everybody’s a doctor !

Reading this reminded me of a long-suppressed traumatic memory… err… OK… *drama-queen stops right in her tracks* … a not-so-suppressed, no-so-traumatic memory.
In college I would forever be suffering from a cold (and no, I have no idea why, and I do not wish to discuss theories of why it could have been so…sheesh ! can’t a girl complete her story in peace ?) So, I would usually wait it out. You know what they say…a cold will be cured in a week with medicines and in seven days without !
As it happened, in one such bout of cold, I had to attend a wedding in the family. So there I was, decked up in finery and sniffling away to glory with a cherry-red nose-tip ! Wedding = A thousand random relatives you haven’t met in ages and who want to know what you are up to in the finest details. There’s only one conversation I had that day. Just multiply it by 1000 – once for each random relative - RR for short: RR: So, how are you ? How’s your college going ? ME: I’m fine. College’s OK. How are you ? RR…

Love in the rains :)

Heart shaped ditch on a construction site next to our office building !

Closer view of the 'heart' !

You can find love in the most unusual places ! :)

As you sow, so shall you reap :)

Well, I was happy to experience this in the last week…figuratively as well as literally !
The first experience was on Friday. For many many years now, my theatre organisation presents a historical play on the Parvati hill on the death anniversary of Nanasaheb Peshwe. 14th January 2011 is the 250th anniversary of the last battle of Panipat. So this year we presented a play based on this battle. TH wrote the play including the songs, composed the music and directed the play. The format was Song+narration--Scene--Song+narration--Scene. So SP SS and I were the three story-tellers. We sang some and narrated some, and then a scene was enacted by other actors and so on so forth.
I have had no training in singing whatsoever. However I listen to music a lot…and of all kinds. Over the years I have developed a good ear for music. Also, I sing a bit…you know the kind where you sing in a small gathering of close relatives…who will generally praise you no matter how you sing :)
Of course, I’ve been …