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A poem I wrote

Here’s a poem I wrote in French today. I am also giving the English translation below the original French one.


Beaucoup d'alimentation pour me bourrer.
Tant de vêtements pour m'habiller.
Mais mon cœur est vide.

Tas de choses que je fais pour occuper mes jours.
Tant de livres pour remplir mes étagères.
Mais ma tête est vide.

Beaucoup de personnes pour occuper ma vie.
Et un peu plus pour me manquer après ma mort.
Mais mon âme est vide.

Tout est vide.
Tout est vide.
Tout est complètement vide.


A lot of food to stuff myself with.
So many clothes to dress myself up.
But my heart is empty.

So many things that I do to fill my days.
So many books to fill my shelves.
But my mind is empty.

A lot of people to fill my life.
And some more to miss me after my death.
But my soul is empty.

Everything is empty.
Everything is empty.
Everything is completely empty.