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Pleasure and action make the hours seem short - William Shakespeare, 'Othello' :)

'Amazing' doesn't even begin to describe the two days we spent at Stratford Upon Avon :)
On 22nd April, we caught the afternoon train to Stratford Upon Avon (or SAV, the short code in the train timetables). As the train approached SAV, from three stations earlier, each station had Shakespeare's pictures. SAV station is itself quite small and plain looking.

Nearly all roads in the central area of SAV have old homes converted into shops and eateries and other business establishments. Everywhere there are traffic islands with lots of flowers. The central area is always bustling with tourists.

We walked to our hotel which was about 15 minutes away from the station. It was a lovely hotel that was built by acquiring a couple of old Tudor style homes, keeping the exteriors as they were in the olden days and converting the common space  between the homes into a green courtyard and converting the interiors into modern hotel rooms. We had a nice room and our window was exactly oppo…

Of the non-touristy London outing, the visit to Rugby High Street and yet another scrumptious buffet in Coventry

Be warned...this too is going to be a long post with lots of photographs :) Naturally, since we've done three outings in three days ... Rugby High Street, London and Coventry. After three fun-filled days, yesterday was our laze-around-at-home day and today too...except today we are at least thinking of going for a walk later :)
So, on 17th we visited the Rugby High Street again. The main agenda was to eat an All-Day English breakfast. Other than that we had decided to walk around a bit, explore some shops outside the Clock Towers Market and generally take it easy.
This day we reached the High Street a little earlier than lunch time. So we explored a little bit around the market before venturing to eat. What I like about this town, and perhaps it is similar in other towns in this country, that regardless of the size of the town some major retails chains will have outlets in the town. Another thing that I appreciate is small parks right in the middle of a busy area or islands with flo…