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Nowadays I fear situations when people ask me my opinion about something.
There is only one condition when both they and I are happy with this opinion exchange business. That is when my opinion concurs with theirs. In such a case, they ask for my opinion, I give them my opinion. They see that it matches theirs and are happy. I am happy that I didn't have to lie or to defend my opinion or to face their attempts to convince me about their point of view.
I have observed that most people ask opinions only to get theirs validated.
If my opinion doesn't concur with theirs, they are unhappy. It makes me feel it would have been better to lie. But I absolutely hate that. When I express an opinion to the contrary, I am not expecting them to change theirs. What I do expect is that my opinion be heard and given some thought to. I am not concerned if they change their opinion or not.
Some people get offended and make you explain, even defend your opinion. I am glad to get the opportunity to ex…