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Waiters – An in-depth study – Are they programmed or dim or both ?

Hypothesis: Waiters are either programmed or dim or both

The students: Yours Truly (YT) & TH (The Husband)

Prologue: YT has extremely low tolerance to hot food/beverages. This has often resulted in a burnt tongue/palate. Consequently, after being repeatedly taught a lesson (by the lord above), YT now takes due care to wait till her food/beverage is cold. In restaurants she orders her hot beverage with her food hoping that it will be served at the same time as the food, get cold till she finishes her food and thus she can enjoy it immediately after the food and at the same time as TH is enjoying his hot beverage. Added benefit: Precious time is saved.

Scenario One (in ye olden days):

YT & TH go to a restaurant. The Waiter (TW) comes to take the order.

YT / TH: “1 ‘dish1’, 1 ‘dish2’ and 1 tea (or coffee, as per YT’s mood)”
TW: “And for you sir ?”
YT / TH: “We’ll tell that later”
TW: “OK. 1 tea, 1 ‘dish2’, 1 ‘dish1’.
YT / TH: “Perfect”

After some time

TW: “1 ‘dish2’ ?”. TH points to self