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Heart and head, hand-in-hand…

I have observed that, at some point of time or the other, in any in-depth discussion, particularly regarding a decision, already made or to be made, the issue of heart versus head comes into focus. It is as if they are two things opposed to each other, an either-or option, mutually exclusive. I too have my moments of ‘what I must do’ versus what I want to do’…in other words head versus heart. It is a difficult to handle dichotomy.

I have wondered why the head and heart are always pitched against each other. Why can’t they complement each other…participate equally in a decision, for example ?

This morning I was just flicking through channels and on one I saw a small part of a scene that set me thinking about this.

This 5 year old little girl and her mother are walking back from school. The mother’s sandal’s thumb-strap gives way. But she continues walking since there is no other option. Mother is limping now and Daughter is watching her and imitating the mother. After a while Mother remov…

Happy Diwali :)