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‘Geographically challenged’

I laughed my guts out while reading this.

Then I had another bout of laughter thinking of all the incidents that happen with me.

For a long time now I have known that I am, what I like to call, ‘geographically challenged’ :)

Situation 1 - If I go inside a building (happens mostly with residential buildings), then after I exit the lift (elevator) or come down the stairs, I cannot quickly locate the gate !

Situation 2 - If I am inside a building, I will routinely point in wrong directions to indicate places outside the building.

Situation 3 - I am presently at office. I have come here from home. Now I have to go to some place where I have always gone from home and never from office. What do I do ? I go home first and from there I go to that place. It doesn’t matter if it is a longer distance or takes more time. I have to do this, because simply have no mechanism to re-align my mental map to my present location !

Situation 4 - Another thing is that if I have come to your place in day time, I cannot find my way (even if I follow the exact same route) at night time. As it is it will take me at least two to three trips to a place to memorize the route. ONE route. (Refer to Situation 3 above) So, twice or thrice in light, twice or thrice at night, and then finally ONE route to a certain place will get fixed in my mind.

But there is a paradox…and it is HUGE !

Here’s the strangest thing – If I give anybody directions to any place, they can’t get lost even if they try. Really. Anybody who knows me will vouch for this. In fact I regularly receive compliments for this.

So my surmise is that nobody gives precise and detailed directions as I do. If anybody could match my direction-giving skills, I wouldn’t be geographically challenged ;)


Anonymous said…
With you on all the 4 situations you've mentioned.
And can I hire you as my personal consultant who I will use for the exclusive purpose of getting directions?
Josie said…
Hm, I was thinking "She's talking about me" until I got to the part about giving directions- not so much.
I go to the toilet in shopping centres and ALWAYS walk out and turn in the wrong direction, without fail.
Josie x
The Wanderer said…
@ Josie: LOL ! To be so unfailingly regular in getting lost ! Welcome to the club :)
You know, I read somewhere, and after speaking with many female friends I am beginning to believe, that being geographically challenged is a distinctly female trait ! What do you think ?
sarah playle said…
So I'm not the only one who takes about 3 or 4 trips to someones house to remember the route!*L* It even took a couple of trips to remember the apartment of a friend who lived on the same *street* just a different intersection. You see, I still had to remember the building:P
Seema Smile said…
Hahaha... I relate to this post so much.
The Wanderer said…
@ Sarah: :) I welcome you too, to the club !

@ Seema: :D
aanand said…
hey gals..theres me in this too.n i am nt girl either.. can u welcome me in this girlyworld.?

i always keep pointing right to left.and left to right. all rickshaws taxiwalls will kill me one day :(
The Wanderer said…
Aanand: :))) Good to know that there are some guys too who are geographically challenged...Welcome, welcome to the club :)
Mukul Katkar said…
Direction-giving skills: nice trait to possess :D
The Wanderer said…
;) you mean metaphorically, isn't it ? Thanks Mukul :)

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