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This quilt called my life !

I have always felt that I pack a lot of ‘me’s in one day. The kind of diverse things happening in one day of mine sometimes boggles my mind.

In one instant I am doing really crazy stuff like having a broomstick fight with my co-actors while rehearsing for a play and in another I am sitting in a meeting at office, a picture of seriousness, discussing changes in ISO procedures; in another, I am playing with my 6 month old nephew, singing all songs animatedly and talking baby-talk, and in yet another I am making “shev” like an expert even though it is the first time I’m making it; and then I’m teaching French phrases to a friend very patiently like an ideal teacher I would have loved to have.

I feel as if I am made up of a thousand pieces of fabric that are individually very different from each other in texture, colour, design but together make for a very colourful quilt :)

Anything can happen…

Anything can happen in this world. I have always believed in this. And it does. Perhaps it does because I believe it does.

It was early on Saturday morning. It was drizzling. I was going to the rehearsal of KK. As I was driving up the lane, S, M and O were driving down. They motioned me to follow them. We went to the next lane to a joint that sells delicious hot vegetable patties.

We parked our vehicles, O on the same side and S and I on the opposite side of the road. We went in, quickly ate and came out in about 10 minutes.

As we walked out I saw that there were about 6 to 8 cows of varying sizes standing very close to my motorcycle. There was no way I was going near them…I’m mortally scared of cows (long story…some other time!). So I gave my keys to S and told him to bring my bike to this side.

He started walking across and suddenly stopped in his tracks and started laughing hysterically. I called out to him, “What’s the matter ?” He was laughing so hard, he could only gesticulate askin…

Fear of inadequacy

Today a friend shared a quote by Nelson Mandela. It goes:
“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

I said to her that it’s an amazing thought but I’ll have to think a lot about this to understand it well, since I have always believed that inadequacy is one of my biggest fears.

Later I received a message from M that RR, the playwright of KK, will be conducting a workshop with all actors on Sunday. It scared the hell out of me. RR is highly accomplished and experienced; and he wants to do a workshop with the actors M has chosen for the play he has written. I’m sure there will be some expectations, some preconceived ideas about how M’s group will be, because of M’s reputation as a talented director. I am so stressed out thinking how not to let my inadequacy be exposed. I am frightened beyond belief. I called M to ask him what RR intended to do and he said he didn’t know. I am now in an even worse state of mind. If I knew, I co…

Prototype of a 'meant-to-be-with-each-other' couple !

He feels she is stingy. She feels he is extravagant.

She can’t sleep with the fan on and he, without.

When he feels like going out, she doesn’t.

So on, so forth.

Or vice-versa.

If you are already with somebody and this rings true for you, you are with the person you are meant to be with.

If you are looking for someone, use this as a checklist. If you decide to ignore this and get together with somebody, you will later discover that this is true for you too.

There is no escaping this, my dears. Be warned ! :)