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Funny Telephone-Encounters

I seem to have an unusually high number of funny telephone-encounters ! In fact, long ago, I had written a post on telephone manners. What happened a short while ago is yet another incident in the growing list :)

My cell phone rang. I saw a cousin's name flash on it. We haven't spoken for ages. In fact we usually meet and chat only at family functions...the usual reason being busy schedules etc. So, I received the call and very cheerily said, "Bol S!"

There was this heavy silence for about 10 seconds...during which a thousand thoughts came to my mind...ranging there any sad news and did I sound too cheery for she's called to invite me to some function.

The 10-second silence seemed a wee bit too long and I heard myself say uncomfortably, "Kay ga ?" ("What's up ?)

Then she said, "Oh wow ! Its you ! For a second I wondered why my bai's daughter is sounding like this !"

To this, I could only burst into loud fi…

Animals are more human !

I got this as a forward...the source is mentioned as National Geographic.

A female leopard hunts a pregnant female baboon. While the leopard is dragging the dead baboon, she notices a day-old baboon baby... Leopard leaves the hunted mother and starts taking care of the newborn baboon.

When I shared it with my colleagues, one colleague RP remarked, "As some humans are turning into animals day by day in our society, somebody needed to compensate !"