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Role reversal

Prologue: YT (Yours Truly) isn’t exactly a fan of cooking. Regular cooking is boring for YT and is done only because ‘paapi pet ka sawal hai’ :) YT can truly enjoy cooking only if it is some new and / or unique dish or it involves baking. In the least, YT has to give some twist to usual dishes to find them worth cooking. On the other hand, luckily for YT, TH (The Husband) loves to cook…especially some specific dishes.
Cut to: Sunday, early morning, at Aanandi, the garden where YT goes regularly with her friends to restore the garden. On this particular day YT was with PP, A and S, working in the garden, when suddenly YT’s phone rings.
YT: Haan bol. (Having seen that it is TH calling)
TH: Bring a lot of kadipatta while returning from Aanandi. (There’s this huge kadipatta tree in Aanandi and we regularly take home some)
YT: OK. But why ?
TH: I want to make kairichi daal. (Soaked and ground chana daal mixed with grated raw mangoes and tempered with curry leaves…TH loves making, eating and sha…

Slup of the ting !

One of my friends is a master at what another friend has named “shuffling”. It is a slip of the tongue (or ‘slup of the ting’ for more fun :D). She does it quite frequently and thus retains the title “shuffling queen” for life !
In fact, we have this joke that if you happen to be sitting next to her or opposite her, you too will “shuffle”.
My today’s “shuffle” was quite funny. I was talking to L, another dear friend, and I wanted to say “poori chhutti”, but in a hurry I said “putti” ! We laughed uproariously.
Some of us also repeatedly use one particular word for another. A colleague R invariably says “hygienic” instead of “healthy” and on being corrected, argues that if it is hygienic, it leads to healthy ! Really ?!
I too have my repertoire :) Many times I catch myself about to say “in the morning” when I want to say “in childhood”. The scariest / funniest (depends on your perspective) is when I catch myself in the nick of the time about to say “alive” instead of “awake” ! Just imagi…


Hurtful words spoken unthinkingly and being forgiven for them; A refusal to share, accepted gracefully, and discovering the need after it no longer exists; Blind ignorance of injury inflicted while having fun but not receiving complaints; Knowing that no amount of kindness and wisdom now will compensate for the pettiness and follies of then Knowing that time once lost never returns Knowing that none of ‘those’ actions can be undone Ever