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There’s no greater satisfaction than a job done well

This is what I’m feeling right now.

Yesterday, exactly at this time in the evening, I was frustrated at a co-worker whose irresponsible behaviour caused a lot of trouble to my boss, who then, knowing well that I wasn’t responsible for it, took out some of his irritation on me. I didn’t react at all to my boss or my co-worker…it was no use…the former would cool down eventually and see that he unnecessarily took it out on me…and the latter would never admit that he was irresponsible and find somebody to blame.

I came to office this morning in a depressed frame of mind…thinking that the sincere one always gets loaded with work and that would happen to me today too, like yesterday. The morning too was a repeat performance of irresponsible behaviour from my co-worker. I plodded on. The boss was out for meetings all morning.

Post-lunch I decided that enough was enough…I had to get out of this frame of mind. So I just started a completely new task for which I am presently receiving training. I spent all afternoon doing it. In the meantime boss came, and as expected, was very sweet to me today :) I felt better energised to do the new task and worked at it relentlessly. I covered a lot of ground today and did the job well.

Later as I sat back to enjoy my well-deserved break, I remembered this line that my grand-father used to say to my cousins, my brother and I… “There’s no greater satisfaction than a job done well” and I felt so pleased :)

I made a mental note of it. Also, here’s one more, very important, reminder to myself: how I feel should be determined by me and my actions and nobody or nothing else.

I am going home this evening with a very light heart knowing that I have done a good job today and that I have managed to bring up my mood myself. :)


sarah playle said…
wise words, about how, how you should feel should be determined by you and not someone else. It's so easy to let someone elses attitude or actions affect *our* mood. I'm glad you got yourself into a good frame of mind. I had to do the same thing, though my uplift was a long coffee at my favorite cafe while mindlessly doodling in a sketchbook.
The Wanderer said…
:) Whatever works...I'm glad you were able to get yourself into a better mood. Actually, I have found out that for me too, painting helps. Of course, I'm not a painter...but I spend some time splashing colour on paper and on most occasions, I'm feeling better afterwards :)

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