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Phew...and Yaaaaaayyy ! :)

From 9th December 2010 till 8th January 2011, I successfully completed 31 posts in 31 days i.e. the NaBloPoMo challenge :)

I am feeling so relieved. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to do it. Consistency isn’t one of my big qualities, you see. But I have done it. So I am feeling ‘phew’ !

And ‘Yaaaaaayyy’ for the same reason…I successfully completed a task that I had set for myself.

Actually, only initially did it seem like a task. Later, however, I was eager to write. All day I would be observing things and thinking of subjects, I would be mentally composing posts and couldn’t wait to find time from my work schedule to put up a post.

I shall continue to write, though perhaps not daily, but very often. Perhaps I might even do another NaBloPoMo later…this time starting on the first of a month :)

I am now officially hooked on to writing :)


Josie said…
Hey Wanderer! Yay for you! I did it too and then thought I'd do it again for January- must be mad.
Finally figured out how to follow you again. I thought i was but realized that haven't seen any of your posts for a while. . . .
Being a baby blogger I had no idea what it meant when after I tried to follow it told me: Feed is not a registered protocol. . . .but have realized I can do it another way from my dashboard. HOpe I've got it right.
Now need to do some wandering myself and catch up on some of your older posts. Will get to that later today.
Josie x
The Wanderer said…
:) Heyyyyy ! You are doing NaBloPoMo for the second time ? Wow...I mean, seriously Wow !
Josie said…
Me again, well, yeah, I'm STILL on holidays. . it's been months. So i need something to keep my out of trouble Uni AND work (ie teaching) don't go back till Feb, so i figure i can blog.
Feb is probably going to be so busy I won't have time to scratch my back, let alone blog!

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