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And miles to go before I sleep…

Warning: This is not going to be a profound post…if you are expecting something like that after reading the title.

As I sat down to write, my mind was crowded with thoughts of things I need to do, I want to do, but I can’t do, presently, for several reasons. I just couldn’t focus on any particular thing to write about. So, I thought, why write something contrived ? Why not simply write about what’s on my mind right now, this very moment ?

So here goes…

These are a few of the things I am longing to do…

Sleep. And wake up only when I feel like it. Only when I feel completely rested. I think this item would be on everybody’s list, if they made one :)

Finish reading those three…um…wait, it’s four…actually no, those five new books.

Take a vacation. Somewhere serene and beautiful. And not get antsy on the last two days of the vacation with the thought that it is getting over.

Finish writing that story I have begun.

Drive on my motorcycle to Kokan. For the uninitiated, Kokan is about 200 kilometres from where I live. This involves driving on the highway for some parts and on narrow curvy roads for other parts, for about five hours. My father has absolutely forbidden me to do it !

Mend things gone wrong between two of my friends and make them good friends again.

Learn to dance.

Teach people to communicate effectively. I know this sounds immodest, but I have been acknowledged, by people who hold some authority on the subject, to be a very effective communicator.

Shirk off my inertia where exercise in concerned.

Phew…long list, isn’t it ? And I have written only half the things !

And thus, the title of the post…miles to go before I sleep…


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