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And here's the final animal-incident…

I promise. I'll not post about any more animal incidents for a while…ok ok…a long time. But this one's really worth sharing…

A couple of years ago, I had gone to a beach in Kokan for a vacation. We were staying in a small resort whose back gate opened on to the beach. There was a semi-circle of five hut-shaped rooms which housed my extended family and I.

Early one morning, I went to the beach alone for a walk. The sun was just rising. There was a cool breeze blowing. The sea was calm. I was feeling serene.

As I walked along the beach, I noticed a really tiny pink shell. The colour was fascinating. I picked it up and put in my pyjama pocket. Further I saw one more and I pocketed it as well. As I went along, I found many more and I picked up all of them.

A little further, I felt something prick in my pyjama pocket. I ignored it and continued walking. But again, there was a little pricking. So I stopped, dipped my hand in the pyjama pocket and located one shell that was pricking. As I removed it from my pocket, to my horror, a teeny-tiny crab was wiggling out of it !!! I was petrified…I dropped that shell to the ground…and just then I felt more pricking in my pocket. That was the time my mind stopped working altogether. I ran back to my hut at warp speed, rushed to the bathroom, removed my pyjamas and emptied my pockets hurriedly to find about a dozen tiny crabs wiggling out of the dozen pretty pink shells !

I still do love crabs…but as food, of course :)


Seema Smile said…
Hahahaha... I'll remember not to do that next time I'm on a beach.
The Wanderer said…
:))) Yup...and now, thinking back to the incident, I think it must have been a greater shock to those tiny crabs than me !
Noisy Quiet said…
OMG! I'd have SCREAMED and still had nightmares about it! :oO

-Pretty blog! Thanks for stopping by mine!
Tejaswini said…
Oh,I am so happy to read all these incidences today, though I knew them dear daughter. I like reading your write ups. So keep writing.

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