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My unreal expectations from reportages !

This morning while reading the newspaper I came across reportage of an incident that had occurred in front of my eyes. I know each little detail of this incident.

The reportage however, differed vastly from the incident. I’m not speaking about differing perspectives or opinions about an incident. Such differences are bound to exist. I am speaking about facts of the case...they were grossly misreported. Details were altered to suit the point the reporter wanted to make.

Even today, despite all the controversies and exposés about media-reportage being biased / incorrect / bought etc., there is still a vast majority in this country who takes the written word to be gospel. Any kind of reportage should be done with some semblance of responsibility.

It is appalling how blatantly the reportage was altered to suit the reporter’s point of emphasis.

Firstly, it is downright lying. The reporter could have presented all facts as they are and then expressed an opinion about the incident. I suspect the reporter didn’t do that because expressing an opinion involves taking responsibility and perhaps having to accept opinions divergent that one’s own.

Secondly, there is an underlying superiority in assuming that the readers are incapable of drawing the ‘correct’ inferences if just the plain facts are presented. People aren’t stupid. Also, even if they are stupid, in the reporter’s opinion, people are still entitled to draw their own inferences based on their own understanding of things.

Thirdly, it reeks of the desperate desire to control majority public opinion by altering facts to suit one’s ends.

Finally, when one doesn’t have confidence in one’s abilities, one has to resort to such means.

Also, it is unjust and simply wrong ! But hey… it is foolishly idealistic to expect people to be just and fair in today’s world, isn’t it ?

P. S. Incidentally, this is my 100th post…I never thought I’d reach here…but here I am…so, yaaaaay :)


aanand said…
Hii.Nice post.People always alter the facts somehow to there advantage.some poor left to draw inference from worngly stage facts.
nice writting.
congrats on,
The Wanderer said…
Hey Aanand :) Thanks !
Swapnali said…
Congratulations on your 100th! :)
The Wanderer said…
Thanks Swapnali :)

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