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So, what is the superiority complex all about ?

I recently read a book called “The Tears of the Desert” by Dr. Halima Bashir. It is about the civil war in Darfur, Sudan. Last year I read a book about civil war in Sierra Leone called “A long way gone” by Ishmael Beah. I have also read about war-time diaries of youth.

From Israel… Palestine… Kashmir… Azerbaijan... Armenia... Bosnia-Herzegovina... Northern Ireland... Rwanda... Cyprus... East Timor... Côte d'Ivoire... Kosovo... to absolutely anywhere in the world…all we hear these days in conflict based on religion, ethnicity, caste, etc. etc. It is horrifying to even read about the atrocities committed by humans against humans…I daren’t imagine what the people who live and die through the horror have to face !

As far as my limited knowledge and observation goes, animals are driven by only three instincts…fear, hunger and reproduction. Man considers himself superior to animals since he is supposed to possess superior intellect, superior emotional capacity, a quality called humaneness…

Where is it ??

Is he not just like the animals…forming packs…to fight other packs…over territory and resources…driven by hunger and fear…

After a hundreds of years of existence, man is just another animal…

So, what is the superiority complex all about ?


Swapnali said…
They say intelligence is supposed to free us from those animal insticts but the opposite seems to happen.

I think man has not understood the power of his intelligence yet and I am afraid, that he never will.
The Wanderer said…
Absolutely ! I think it is also about sensibility and sensitivity. It is like the use of nuclear power...some will use it for generating electricity and light up lives and some to make atom bombs and destroy lives.
Supriya Nair said…
Love the way you write...amazing blog you have there...
The Wanderer said…
Hey Supriya :) Thanks for the appreciation.

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