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My dear dear friend
Somebody who, I have always felt understands me really well and who I understand very well
My teacher in some things and my student in some others
Mirror of my sense of humour
Somebody whose feelings I can sense at long distance
Somebody about whom I’ve always felt protective
Somebody who has given me great gifts…and not just the material ones
Somebody who I’ve lent a shoulder and a helping hand to
Somebody who I can tell when I find certain behaviour inappropriate or when it bothers and disturbs me and I can expect the same from
Somebody with whom I have always felt totally connected

This one’s for you

We used to be aware of every trivial thing we did, said, felt and thought. Now we aren’t.
Our day to day lives were intertwined to that extent. Now they aren’t.

I used to think about it. A lot. It bothered me. We did have one ‘down’ in our journey which had had only had ‘ups’ till then. Even during that period I knew that this was nothing compared to what we have. And I was right. We got over that ‘down’. But, when apparently nothing had gone wrong, we weren’t sharing the minute details of life with each other. So, were we now distanced, disconnected ? Not in the least. What was I to make of the whole thing ?

Then it struck me. We were no longer sharing the trivial details. We were involved in the really important things. I may not know what time you went to work today or how tired you are feeling today but I know how your value system has shaped, I know your aesthetics, I know what will please or pain you, I know what you are doing with your life. I am a part of it. I can sense you even when we don’t communicate for days. I know you are only a call away. I know that you know that I’m just a call away.

There are so many things that we have felt and thought about each other but never said them. More often than not, we just share a look, a smile to convey it all. Today a chance meeting with you stirred up all these thoughts and feelings.

Many times it is said that, ‘some things are best left unsaid’. Perhaps not this once.

So, M, my dear, allow me to tell you how fortunate I am to be a part of your life and to know that you are a part of mine.


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