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For the 24th – We are responsible for everything that happens to us

I saw a movie on the 23rd in which somebody said this. For a long time now, I have believed this.

Previously I too would ask questions like, ‘why me ?’ or make statements like ‘I don’t deserve this’.

Gradually I began to understand that the equations aren’t always as simple or direct or straightforward as that. Things that happen to me are not always a direct reciprocation of something that I did or did not do. It is more complex. It may be a cumulative of several things.

So I started digging much deeper beneath the surface to understand what were the things that have caused something to happen. Believe me, each time I have found that my actions or behaviour are definitely one of the many factors that usually cause an event to occur.

I may not be totally responsible for something to happen or not. But I am, at least, partly responsible. I can try to change my contribution to the situation so that the outcome may change to that extent.

Change ought to be from within. I shall try.


Swapnali said…
Have you seen the movie called "The Butterfly Effect"? The movie is not that great but the central premise of the movie is that a butterfly might flap its wings in one corner of the world, which might result in a devastating storm in another corner. Very interesting concept.

Here is a line from the Fountainhead: "Everything has strings leading to everything else. We are all tied together. We are all in a net..."

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